Perennial Plants Catalogue
Here is a list of the hardy perennial plants that I grow throughout the year. You may wish to buy plants but there may be some varieties that are temporarily out of stock, so I would recommend visiting my  shop, which I use as a day-to-day availability list, and this is where you can buy plants from an interesting selection. 
 Thanks for taking the time to browse through my collection of plants,
they really are as gorgeous as they look !                          
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Actaea (simplex) atropurpurea,     Also known as purple snakeroot, this clumping perennial  has long (2 ft) ivory bottlebrush-like flower spikes that arch above purple tinged foliage. This is a stately plant that can be grown as a single vertical specimen or as a stunning group. Eventual height is 4-6 feet and prefers a shady area to be grown , the tips of the leaves will scorch if grown in too much sun.  Flowering is late summer and those ivory flowers give off a lovely  heady fragrance.   1-2 litre pots.       
Achillea 'appleblossum'   is a member of the handsome Galaxy hybrids, with flat clusters of rich rosy pink blossoms on long 3 foot stems. Finely divided, fern-like foliage is grayish green; a splendid accent to many colors.   Excellent as a cut flower or as part of a naturalized border. Long blooming.                  
Achillea 'apricot beauty'Flowers open flushed pink quickly fading to yellow then apricot with age. A new variety giving  this unusual antique-pastel shade, very pleasing to the eye. lumps up quickly.   For sun and well drained soil.  2ft .               
 Achillea 'salmon beauty',  The intense sun turns the coloured flowerheads to a pleasing pale pink by the end of the summer, but nothing beats the classic deep salmon on new stems . 3 ft high, good spread, divides easily.          
 Achillea 'terracotta',     Beautiful rich dusky orange flowers maturing to yellow over silver foliage mid to late June onwards. A wonderful colour.  2-3 ft. Decent-sized plants grown in 0.75  litre pots.       
Achillea 'walter funke',  Walter Funke is considered by many to be the best of the red Achilleas.     It is.   Achilleas have a long blooming season, make good cut flowers, and are attractive to butterflies. 2/3ft Removing spent flowers will promote re-blooming.  Decent-sized plants grown in 0.75 litre pots.                      

Agastache anisata ,With the whole plant scented of anise, this is an attractive and somewhat unusual plant from North America. Aromatic foliage and long lasting spires of mauve flowers  that appear in July. A superb bee plant that's easy to grow.  3 ft.

Alstroemeria 'tall rosey-red'   alstroemeria found growing locally,  flowering away vigorously making a real show, it really does perform wonderfully well, flowering from late spring through to late autumn. Flower stems will grow to 1.5 metres high so might need some low down support, but well worth taking the trouble.       
Anemone  nemerosa  'robinsoniama' ,    Large rounded flowers with pale blue petals and a striking dark reverse to the petals.  An old variety named at Oxford Botanical Garden in 1870, making good clumps and flowering for an extended period. Lovely on banks.    Flowers april to may.   Shady conditions  are best for this attractive woodland native.     Hardy and very easy.                
Artemisia  lactiflora  'Guizhou',   
From a 1985 Sino-British expedition to Guizhou Province of China comes an improved form of the wonderful perennial.  The stout 4´ tall clumps of red-purple stems are clothed in cutleaf dark green foliage. In July, the clumps are topped with large heads of small pure white flowers. While  ´Guizhou´ grows well in typical garden soil, a very moist site will reward you with an even more spectacular show.                                
Astilbe  'deutschlande' ,    White plumes in early summer.  Shade plant with bright, brilliant flowers. Not dry shade, astilbes like their moisture. Put in full sun if you wish but give extra water during hot dry periods. 24 inches tall.                       
Astilbe  'peaches and cream',  The plumes of this mid-height japonica astilbe change colour from white to rosy-pink as the flowers open.  Makes a  softly-hued contrast above the glossy dark-green foliage.   Mature Size: 24´ tall.                   
Astilbe  'grande',   Tall and graceful with wonderful airy plumes of softly coloured flowers rising over dense clumps of attractive mid green foliage. With exceptional flower quality it is truly stunning planted in drifts or small groups in the mixed border, or as dot plants.    Likes a moist soil and makes an excellent cut flower.   Hardy perennial to 32in (80cm).          
Astilbe  'vesuvius',   Long full, carmine-red plumes, over gorgeous red foliage. A fine garden plant.June - July. to 2ftNot dry shade, astilbes like their moisture.  Put in full sun if you wish but give extra water during hot dry periods.                     

Astilbe simplicifolia    'sprite' ,   A. 'Sprite' is absolutely stunning with arching, open flower clusters of a delicately pleasing apple blossom pink color.  `Sprite' is a dwarf variety which features a foliage mound to only 10" tall  ( so front of border).  The flowers are plume-like, and can be used either fresh or dried as a cut flower. 1994 Perennial Plant of the Year award winner from the Perennial Plant Association.                                

Astrantia  'sunningdale variegated', Neat clumps of excellent variegated foliage. White papery bracts hold umbels of tiny, pale-pink flowers. Rich soil in sun or light shade. 60cm tall.   A.G.M.  The white silvery leaves have a  stunning appearance in the spring and fade gradually during the summer.                   

Astrantia  maxima     A must for any border with the large, star-like shell-pink flowers produced in abundance .   Excellent for drying and flower arranging.    Will grow in sun or semi-shade.  (24"-36" x 18")  June-July flowering.  A real gem.                                  

Astrantia 'shaggy',     Wonderful, white, pincushion flowers with a collar of extra long, green tipped petals on wiry, branched stems above deeply divided, dark  green leaves.  This astrantia is thought to have originated in Margery Fish's garden at East Lambrook in Somerset, and christened there and then. It is one of the best pale varieties, with large flowerheads and more deeply cut foliage. Like all astrantia, it can cope with a range of soils from alkaline to heavy, damp soil in dappled shade.                                             

Bidens heterophylla,    Pale creamy lemon yellow flowers through later  summer until the first hard frosts. Elegant fine foliage.   Height 120cm.   Put towards the back of the border. Any good soil.                        

Brunnera macrophylla,            One of the prettiest plants in my shade garden.   In early spring they are surrounded by clouds of bright blue flowers that continue into early Summer. Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil  in part shade.     Easily grown from seed (perhaps best planted in autumn) and freely self-seed in the garden in optimum growing conditions. Clumps slowly  and spreads by both creeping rhizomes and self-seeding to form thick ground covers.                                                     

Campanula  'kent belle,   Deep purple/blue bell shaped flowers rise above a mound of green foliage on tall stately stems to produce a beautiful effect.   As with most campanulas 'Kent Belle' prefers an evenly moist soil and some sun.  Flowers during the summer.  Easily divided, 1.2 metres.    

Campanula glomerata 'Caroline'    Clusters of upright, white bells, rimmed with soft blue, top short leafy stems above a slowing creeping carpet of soft green, heart-shaped leaves.   Lovely.     Sun or part-shade. May-Jul, 45cm.  Decent-sized plants grown in 0.75 litre pots                               

Campanula 'lodden anna'    `Loddon Anna´ is a great plant for the border with erect, branching stems bearing large, soft lilac-pink trusses of open bell-shaped flowers right through the summer.   It has been given an Award of Garden Merit (AGM), which is for plants of outstanding excellence.         Plant in sun or partial shade in rich moisture-retentive soil to encourage plenty of growth and flowers.   4-5 ft.                 

Campanula  'wine 'n' rubies',     Dark pink trumpet flowers in summer, with dark red tint to foliage. A lovely plant, spreading as the years go by.  Sun or part shade, any good soil.    2 ft.                

Campanula glomerata  'alba',    The long flowering season and toughness of this variety make it a popular plant.  Flowers right through the summer with white bell flowers on upright stems.   Grows up to 50cm in height spreading eventually to 75cm.    Easy to grow and reliable plant which makes a solid spreading mat of foliage.   Performs well in full sun or partial shade in well drained soil conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Campanula 'EH Frost'    Plants form a spreading patch of small green leaves, bearing loads of starry porcelain-white flowers with a pale-blue eye, beginning in late spring.  Lovely.                                           

Campanula   'Bernice',   Stunning fully double blue flowers early summer. Clumps up over the years, and will eventually form a really spectacular feature in the border.    Choice variety 2ft                     

Campanula portenschlagiana   For all gardens, large or small, this is an indispensable alpine Campanula.   Hardy, vigorous and persistent, it is easily grown on the rockery, on walls, in front of borders or in pots.    It forms generous, dense mats of small ivy leaves all but concealed in summer by an almost immoderate profusion of lilac-blue, starry bells very freely produced. Hardy throughout the British Isles. 8 ins.                    

Campanula 'Elizabeth',   An excellent plant with large freckled bells of pink and maroon.  Really one of  the loveliest.  A great bellflower that  actually stands up well!    Flowers for many weeks in mid summer. 60cms.  Sun or semi shade.                                       

'Campanula 'raddeana',   A campanula endemic to Georgia, in South-western Asia, bordering the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia. The wiry stiff stems can grow to 20 cm,  its lavender-blue flowers 2 cm wide and 3 cm long.     it is an easy plant which will grow in a variety of soils, and is surprisingly shade- tolerant.   Grow where you need to fill gaps or tumbling over walls.                                

Campanula  glomerata  'emerald',     Clusters of pale pure blue flowers look up from dark buds,  characterized by its upright and compact plant habit; basal branching habit; freely flowering .   Neat 25cm Decent-sized plants grown in 1 litre pots.                                     

Centaurea fischeri,      Lovely pale lilac-pink cornflower heads on a low clump of grey-green foliage. Height 15 cm.     Sun and drainage.                                 Centaurea    'Lady Flora Hastings',      Very delicate white cornflowers with pink flushed centres.  The flowers are very attractive to bees. Reaches about 30-45cm and forms small clumps. Flowers from May through the summer if cut back hard after flowers fade. Drought tolerant but not fussy about soil. Best in sun or light shade.                                                             

Centaurea ‘John Coutts’,   Makes ground covering basal growth of large jagged greyish leaves.  During summer and autumn stiff stems carry large rose pink cornflowers. Whilst it comes originally from Iran and survives prolonged dry periods a little summer irrigation extends the flowering time. Sun. 40cm.   Full sun and good drainage are necessary.

Centaurea cheiranthifolia ,   Grey felted leaves and ivory-white flowers with purple stamens. Bulks up quite quickly to form a good clump.  About 30-45cm tall. Drought tolerant, but not fussy about soil.    Blooms repeatedly from mid May.  Full sun and good drainage are necessary.       

Centaurea  simplicicaulis,    Finely pinnate leaves, clumping up nicely, with attractive purple pink flower heads on thin, wiry 30cm stems. For the rock garden or border front in sun.                                

Ceratostigmata  plumbaginoides,   Excellent ground cover which starts blooming when the summer blooming plants start to decline. The blue is much more vibrant than I can describe.    Aug-Oct, 15cm. Sun, part shade.  Horticultural Award of Garden Merit.                          

Chaerophyllum   hirsutum     'roseum',   Most people love the spring edging to many country roads when the Cow Parsley forms a river of foaming white flowers. This is a close relative which entrances all who see it with its delicate pink umbels. 60cms. May. Sun or semi shade. Decent-sized plant grown in 0.75 litre pot.                                              

Chrysanthemum  'duchess of edinburgh',   Striking pink red double flowers from September to November. Height 80cm Spread 30cm.    Excellant cut flower variety.                                                                   

Chrysanthemum 'Clara Curtis',  A free-flowering border Chrysanthemum with swarms of 2in rose-pink, single flowers above toothed green foliage. A late summer flowerer Aug. to Oct. Very hardy free-flowering ground cover plant, which continues to bloom when flowers are scarce. Trim for healthy repeat flowering. All they require is good rich, well drained soil and lots of sun.  If you need more than one, let me know how many you want.  2ft x 1.5 ft.                                                 

Chrysanthemum  'Mary Stoker',    This is a really delightful flower, with warm apricot orange single daisies, and a greeny-yellow eye.  Blooms from August to October, echoing the colours of autumn.  Plant in sun. 75- 90cm high.                                            

Cistus x. pulverulentus      'Sunset',    Shocking magenta flowers produced in flushes throughout summer Neat bushes about 2ft x 2ft (60x60cm) Very hardy and reliable.     RHS Award of Garden Merit.                                                                   

Coreopsis   'Golden gain',   One of the best new Coreopsis to be introduced in years!  This is a tall variety with a vase-like habit with large, bright gold flowers all summer if dead-headed.  18".                                      

Corydalis  Elata,    An equally beautiful but less fussy relative of Corydalis flexuosa, this hardy herbaceous perennial comes from high altitudes in western Sichuan, China.     Growing from a network of short scaly rhizomes, it forms clumps of ferny-leaved, knee-high stems topped by conical clusters of 10 to 30 blue to purple-blue flowers.  The two-lipped, long-tailed, coconut-scented flowers appear from late spring through much of summer.     Plants may go semi-dormant in summer and push up new leaves in autumn.    If happy, they spread to form large clumps. Self-sowing may occur.    This perennial prefers light to partial shade and moist, well-drained, fertile soil. Protect it from hot sun. It works well in perennial borders, woodland edges, and patio plantings.   £3.45

Crocosmia   'Jupiter',    One of my favorite orange Crocosmia is  ´Jupiter´,a masoniorum hybrid, it has narrower more glaucous leaves than the species and  it´s habit is superb even when not in flower.  When in flower it produces large vivid paler orange flowers similar to masoniorum, but larger, having an elegant arrangement on the stem.   This variety is best left undivided for a while to become established so it can form its superb habit . 

Dierama 'Guinevere',   This is the long awaited pure white Angel's Fishing Rod, truly outstanding. Has lovely lush green strap-like foliage with long pendulous flower stems witDierama are hardy in the UK although can be damaged by the combination of hard frost and winter wetness. Plant in a moist but well drained sunny spot – eg. on a bank or raised bed, allowing plenty of space to prevent overcrowding and show the plant to its best advantage.    Dierama do not flower well in pots.   Grows to 1 metre and flowers June to August.h clusters of white flowers hanging down at the end, just like the bend of a fishing rod.;

Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilafee'  Great groundcover for dry shade.    Heart-shaped green leaves.    New foliage is tinged with burgundy.   Beautiful, nodding lavender flowers in spring .   To 1ft.                                         

 Epimedium 'Ogisui',       Named after the Japanese botanist Mikinori Ogisu. The wide, spoon shaped sepals and long arching spurs are pure white, which contrasts so well with the rich red mottling on the new leaves.   Low growing but spreads gently - enough to make an impact without ever being a nuisance!   

Epimedium wushanense ‘Caramel’,  Large caramel coloured flowers over striking evergreen leaves that colour red in winter.
30cm. Good soil in shade.                                                                     

Epimedium   'Epsteinii ',    Found in Hunan, China in 1994 this lovely, rare species has short stems bearing sprays of largish (up to 3cm) flowers, this sepals white and the petals a rich purple-brown.    Slowly creeping clumps to perhaps 15cm high. Good woodland soil in shade.

Epimedium 'Frohnleiten'    The leaves  of this cultivar have delicate markings and are flushed with bronze in spring and autumn.   In spring, it produces tiny, bright yellow flowers held on delicate, wiry stems.   This evergreen epimedium looks especially good in garden borders or under deciduous trees, since the star-shaped flowers are held high above the foliage.   A lovely, year-round, groundcover plant.    

Epimedium 'Crimson Beauty' Hardy, deciduous clump forming perennial to 30cm with copper markings on young leaves.    Flowers are copper-crimson and produced during April and May.   Grow in well drained, humus rich soil that does not dry out in summer, in part shade sheltered from late frosts.                       £3.45

Epimedium  'Warleyense',    Intriguing flowers have petals of yellow, sepals of coppery orange, anthers of green, and spurs adorned with red streaks.    The light green spring foliage is spiny-toothed and has a reddish margin.    Blooms April–May.   Size: 12" high x 12" wide.   

Epimedium  'Fargesii' Purple & white flowers over evergreen foliage.  The flowers hang so gracefully and always draw alot of attention, and shows how epimedium have so much variety in  flower form. 30cm.  Good soil in shade.   

Epimedium  Grandiflorum 'seedling' (white)     A lovely white  grown from a seedling of grandifloum.   Forms a mass of very pretty white flowers on a vigorous plant.  Avery good perennial.  12" high.                   

Eomecon Chionantha,  A carpeting perennial of the poppy family, useful as a ground cover for shade. It spreads luxuriantly  by means of underground rhizomes.  The individual shoots consist of several long-stalked leathery leaves, nearly round to heart-shaped, up to 4" across. The leaves have a dark, softly shiny upper surface and form a beautiful tapestry en masse Through most of spring and summer, it sends up stems carrying loose clusters of snow-white  blooms , each with a silky sheen.  Part shade, well drained, non-alkaline soil, moderate to regular watering.  Bone hardy. Decent sized plants from 0.75 litre pots.       Unusual and highly desirable  .                   

Eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate’  A little-known species, native to large areas of eastern North America.  This outstanding selection has dark bronzy-brown leaves in spring and summer, gradually turning green when the autumn display of fuzzy white flower clusters begins.  Useful in shady situations and will even tolerate dry shade under deciduous trees once plants are established.   Both the foliage and flowers are useful for cutting.   Attractive to butterflies.  Clumps may be easily divided in early spring.      3 - 4 ft high                 

Euphorbia  'Fens Ruby'    Spreading perennial, with soft purple stems and leaves, topped with bright yellow bracts. Delicate and really pretty. Ht 25cm,                                                

Euphorbia polychroma 'Lacy'           A spring blooming perennial with yellow flowers and bright clean foliage with variegated cream edges. Makes a huge show in the spring, but remain equally or more colorful all summer long.    Not often seen .        12"-!8"               

Filipendula vulgaris 'Flora plena'   This variety produces finely cut foliage and cascades of tiny white flowers resembling  little white roses, appearing in mid-summer. About 30 to 45 cm (12 to 18´) high. Prefers full sun; tolerates partial shade.         

Galega  hartlandii 'Lady Wilson'      A classical Edwardian border perennial.  Scented sterile cream and mauve pea flowers in spikes over a bushy pale green plant  Jun-Sep. 1 metre    Award of Garden Merit.   

Galega hartlandii 'Alba'    Galega hartlandii alba is a bushy plant with pretty grey-green pinnate leaves and lovely fat spikes of creamy-white scented, pea flowers for a long period.  Not often seen. Doesn't need staking.  AGM. 2 ft     

Galega Orientalis    G. orientalis grows wild in the meadows and more open forests of the Caucasus.   Very distinct from the usual officinalis/hartlandii varieties in its upright spikes of indigo blue pea flowers. Pale green foliage, loosely spreading habit.  Height to 1.2m.   Sunny site.

Geranium  'Kanahitobanawa'   Thought to be  a cross from  G. x oxonianum 'Thurstonianum' x G. psilostemon, it has large, vivid magenta-purple flowers over a very long season .  Forms a dome and then can get sprawly if you let it.   A rare cultivar not often seen.    

GERANIUM  sanguineum    'Glenluce'    These large light candyfloss pink flowers bloom from spring through summer on a relatively compact plant.  Grow in sun or light shade.  Height 30cm. (1')    

Geranium pratense 'Mrs Kendall Clark'  A lovely form  with lilac-blue flowers heavily veined in lighter silver grey. Upright, growing to some 70cm or more tall.  Decent-sized plants grown in 0.75 litre pots             

Geranium      'Sirak'      (gracile x ibericum)   AGM.     A unique shade of luminous mauve pink all summer.   Large delectable flowers on this recent hybrid which deserves a reasonable cool soil, not too dry.   40cm.             

Geranium macrorrhizum  'Spessart'         'Spessart' is a vigorous mat- forming perennial with apple scented leaves turning red and bronze in the autumn and white flowers flushed pink in the summer   May-Jun. Ht 12". Well drained soil, sun/ part shade                    

Geranium x renardii    'Philippe Vappelle'    This is an excellent ground cover with it´s nice neat mounding habit and one inch purple-blue flowers. The flowers have nice distinctive darker veins. Flowers have almost a lacy appearance and nicely colored stamens. Long flowering period in late spring with attractive blue-gray foliage, this Geranium is grown just as much for its foliage as it is for its flowers.    Plants grow 15" tall. Does best in moisture retentive soils in full sun to light shade.         

Geranium  'Chantilly'    This is an excellent ground cover with it´s nice neat mounding habit and one inch pink flowers.   Flowers have almost a lacy appearance and nicely coloured stamens. This very beautiful hardy geranium was raised by Alan Bremner from a crossing between G. renardii and G. gracile,  it forms a dainty yet compact plant.   Plants grow 15" tall. Does best in moisture retentive soils in full sun to light shade.              

Geranium x riversleaianum 'Jean Armour'. Silvery pink flowers on trailing stems from central rosettes of greyish foliage. Flowers May-September.   A good vigorous  variety, clumping up quickly. Height 20cm, spread 1m   

Geranium x oxonianum  'Prestbury blush'     This variety has attractive white flowers, pink flushed, and with pale veining on the petals. The foliage is jagged, pale green and has maroon blotches on the central body of the leaves. Long flowering (from June to September), this is a good plant to cover ground beneath shrubs. After flowering, shear it to contain its spread. It reaches around 60cm (2ft) in height.  

Geranium phaeum  'Langthorne's blue'         An all-around superb performer, ‘Langthorn’s Blue’ earns its keep in our garden for its strong stature, handsome foliage and long bloom display. The reflexed light violet-blue flowers are centered in paler shades as they rise just above an upright, somewhat compact mound of medium green leaves patterned with deep maroon splotches.   Blooms April–August.  Size: 18" high x 2' wide  

Geranium  'Orion'    A stunning recent introduction, this geranium bears huge clouds of large, rich blue-purple flowers with a paler centre over a long period, above a plant which spreads over about 1m.  Sun or part-shade and average soil.   75cms.   AGM.                           

Geranium pratense 'Plenum Violaceum'         'Plenum Violaceum' is an upright herbaceous perennial making a clump to 60cm in height, with jaggedly-lobed leaves and double, violet-blue flowers 4cm in width, flushed purple in the centre, in early summer.                      

Geranium phaeum 'Samobor'    Sumptuous maroon to deep purple-black flowers and soft green, deeply lobed leaves, often blotched purple. One of this plant's common names, 'mourning widow', is inspired by the spectacularly dark flowers, born on slender flower stems from late spring to early summer. Low maintenance, it thrives in damp shade.    

Geranium 'Soboliferum'      A superb new plant from the mountains of central Japan, source of so many treasures. Large upward-facing saucers, of a darker veined magenta red, are produced almost endlessly from early summer into late autumn.  For moist soil in sun or shade, flowers July to September, 40cm.  Decent-sized plants grown in 0.75 litre pots    

Geranium x magnificum 'Alan meyes'       Blue flowers in spring to early summer.  Probably a G. platypetalum hybrid.  A beautiful plant that I never tire of.    Average soil, sun.  18"    

Geranium sanguineum 'Tiny monster '     Sanguineum x psilostemon hybrid with large (up to 1.5 inches) deep lavender flowers all summer on a mound forming vigorous grower. Grow in sun or light shade.     

Geranium  'Koreana'    Species from Korea. Foliage marbled with deeply toothed leaves on trailing stems, turning brilliant red in autumn. The flowers are large, 4cm wide. It is good in the front of the border. It prefers moisture retentive soil.   18"   £3.45

Geranium   maculatum    'chatto'   A plant that loves the wet but is happy on dry land as well. Graceful growth, and flowers of sensuous soft pink from April to July.  Growth dies right back to ground level each winter ,   Sun or part shade.    50 cm    Decent-sized plants grown in 0.75 litre pots.   

     Geranium 'Nimbus'    One of the very good repeat flowering blue geraniums with dissected foliage and loads of clear large blue flowers all summer. Very tolerant of shade. 

 Geranium   Nodosum     Glossy, deep green, Maple-like foliage and a spreading habit combine for a lush, leafy look in the darker corners of your garden.    While the pale lavender flowers of this species are not as numerous as other Geraniums, they bloom over a far greater time, even in heavy shade.     

 Geranium sylvaticum 'album'         A lovely white form of our native wood Geranium,                

Geum 'Lionel Cox'   Clump forming perennial with lobed leaves and bell shaped, pale yellow flowers on mahogany stems, in April to June. Height 45cm. Spread 45cm. Requires full sun and well drained soil.           £3.45

Geum    'Borisii'   Rich tomato red flowers 2ins. across from late spring to late summer.  Great performer,  and a good hot colour to spice up  a tired- looking border.  1-2 ft.                £3.45

Geum coccineum 'Eos' Truely remarkable colours, with dazzling orange flowers and bright yellow foliage .  An exicting combination that screams out to be noticed.  New introduction.   1 ft. high        £3.45

Gladiolus  'Papilio'     Gladiolus papilio has grassy foliage to two feet tall, and produces sweeping late summer & early autumn flower stems, August through September.  These arch above the foliage, topped by a row of one or two inch blossoms in grey-green & lavender or slate-lilac.   A look inside the hooded funnels reveals a moth-shaped purplish marking against faded yellow, & it is for this mark that it gets its species name which means "butterfly."   Hardy & vigorous in loamy moist well draining soil, its rhizomes produce numerous cormlets which fatten into flowering bulbs.  All in all a rather lovely plant.  £3.45

Helenium Moerheim Beauty  Upright growing perennial to 1.5m high. Variablly coloured, coppery-red, daisy like flowers are borne all summer. Needs a fertile soil in sun.   One of the very best.  AGM           £3.45

Helenium  'Sahin's early flowerer'     Yellow steaked orange, turning red; probably the best  helenium; sturdy , not too tall . Will start flowering in june and with some deadheading go on to september.   3ft . Good soil not too dry.         £3.45

Helenium 'Butterpat'      Large golden petals around a yellow buttoned centre from July-Aug. Good cutflowers.   Ht. 80cm. Prefers sun and well-drained soil.               £3.45

Helenium ‘The Bishop’      Large, rich, golden-yellow ray. florets with a stunning dark centre.  Not fussy on soil type as long as it retains moisture. sun/part shade.  Flowers Jul-Sep. 65-85cm  £3.45

Helianthus  'Lemon Queen   This back of the border perennial is widely grown in Europe and is now widely available here.  Plants are tall  (6ft) and upright forming a bushy clump of tall leaves , topped with branching sprays of soft yellow daisies in summer  and autumn. Can be pinched in June to keep the plant lower, and may need to be staked although I never had the need.  divide up the clumps after three years.  Attractive to butterflies.

Hemerocallis 'Pink damask'     Dusky pinkish red lily shaped blooms with green-gold throat. Flowers for many weeks from June to August, even though each bloom lasts just one day. Sun or part shade. Any soil. Excellent drought resistance. 70cm/28"

Hemerocllis  'Summer wine'    As the name suggests, this daylily is a rich purple-wine color that pairs well with gold daylilies, which will reflect the gold of its throat. Lightly ruffled edges add to the warm feeling of this romantic Daylily.  2 feet

Hemerocallis  'Corky'      A beautiful hardy perennial plant, with a compact clump forming habit. By summer this plant is a real stunner, bearing wave after wave of bright-yellow exotic looking flowers with a brown underside and reflexed petals. It has strap like, light-green foliage.
The plant has been awarded a RHS AGM (Award of Garden Merit)

Hemerocallis 'Stella D'Oro'    Masses of beautiful, golden yellow, lily-like flowers lasting one day, appear continuously in early summer on slender stems. This cheerful, yellow daylily looks great planted at the front of a sunny mixed or herbaceous border among other 'hot' colours. A compact and free flowering variety, it's ideal for the smaller garden or a large container planting. Like most hemerocallis, it is robust and easy to grow  Plant in sun, 1 ft in height

Hemerocallis 'Sammy Russell'    Lively red trumpet-like bloom with yellow throats appear  early to mid season.  Very floriferous.  Each bloom lasts only a day but there is always another to follow.    Extreamly hardy and carefree.     1-2 ft.

Heuchera   'Florist's Choice'   Heuchera 'florist's choice' has tall flower heads of rich ruby-red flowers from April to June about 1m high. This is a real stunner. Very prolific flowering, ideal as cut flowers. Evergreen lush green leaves ideal in partial shade to full sun.

Heuchera ' Caramel-Leaf'    Caramel , evergreen foliage adds a warm tone throughout the year. A lovely contrast to purple foliage plants. Airy white flowers. Thrives in well drained, humus rich soil, in sun or light shade. 18 ins.

Heuchera  'Strawberry Swirl'      A mound forming semi-evergreen perennial ruffled green leaves with pewter marks. Slightly scented soft creamy pink flowers.  Makes an attractive border specimen. Max Height 50cm. Max Spread 50cm. Flowers May to August. Prefers full sun partial shade . A treat.H

Heuchera 'Ivory Bells'   Neat growth and beautifully coloured new foliage of pinky-bronze.  Sprays of ivory-white, superbly contrasting flowers all summer,  2ft.  Any soil,  semi-shade.

Heuchera ' Rachel'    Lovely leaves of deep dark bronze.Sprays of pretty pink, superbly contrasting flowers all summer,  2ft.  Any soil,  semi-shade.

Heucherella ' Pink Bells'    Brilliant pink flowers on plump, well-branched stalks. The divided, green leaves have a narrow chocolate-colored center. Enjoy four seasons of interest with brilliant purple foliage in the winter. Also great for cut flower arrangements.

Heucherella 'Silver-leaf'     Heucherella is a  hybrid between a variety of Heuchera and a variety of Tiarella. It is generally more compact and delicate in appearance than its Heuchera parent. This silvery-leaved variety is a clump-forming perennial that is noted for its unique leaf color and shape. It typically produces a compact, basal mound of lobed (maple-like) leaves that are a blend of silver-purple and green with dark purple veining.  Tiny, star-shaped flowers appear in airy to dense panicles atop stems rising well above the foliage clump (typically to 15-20” tall) in late spring to mid-summer.

Kniphofia  'bees sunset    Lovely plant with soft orange-buff flowers from brownish stems. June/July.    Well-drained soil. Sun. 30" .  AGM .

Kniphofia  'candlelight'   A little known variety with flared, pale greenish-yellow flowers from very green buds, in small heads from delicate stems.  May-Jul and later (in fact, repeat flowering is a characteristic), fine leaves, 60cm.

Kniphofia 'Percy's pride'   Plentiful fresh green pokers fade cream over a long season.   A fine kniphofia, easy and vigorous. Aug-Nov, 75cm

Kniphofia 'alcazar'     Lovely red-orange flowers on and off throughout the whole season. A very hardy and reliable plant.  Originally from South Africa, the elegant, torch-like flowers of kniphofia make vertical accents in a sunny border and look particularly good as an exotic scheme based on 'hot' colours.  A fully hardy clump forming perennial, happy in full sun to part shade. Height and Spread - 1.2m x 90cm (4ft x 3ft)

Lamium Orvala  Giant member of the nettle family with showy flowers of coral pink/white. Good soil in dappled shade. Height to 60cm. Spread 40cm.

 Lamium  'Pink pearls'   The dark green foliage with a silver stripe stands out well and highlights the gorgeous soft pink whorles. Plant in tubs or baskets or in shady spaces, especially under trees, where little else will grow, where it will form a useful ground-cover. Evergreen and very hardy will stat to flower in March and on through into June.. A choice plant.

Lathyrus vernus  'cyaneus'  This sweet little plant forms a low clump of fine looking, ferny, rather solid bright-green foliage and has rich purple flowers, similar to the  wild vetch.   It is very tolerant as to its site, but enjoys sun or part shade and some warmth.  About a foot high, maybe slightly more.

Lathyrus vernus 'Rosenelfe'   Masses of small light pink flowers in the spring and forms dense clumps of pea like foliage.   Height 25-45cm spread 25-45cm

Leucanthemum  'Christine Hagemann'   No sunny border would seem complete without the familiar presence of Shasta Daisies. This unusual variety has flowers are about  3/4 in.  across, and packed with white petals. The center retains a trace of ivory, while the exterior is pure white. Grows 30in tall, 36in wide. Fabulous cut flower, and a wonderful addition to the mid-summer border.

Leucanthemum  Sunshine'  No sunny border would seem complete without the familiar presence of Shasta Daisies. This German selection has fluffy, double-petalled flowers in an unusual shade of creamy yellow. Excellent for cutting. Removing faded flowers will greatly increase the blooming time. Divide plants in the spring every 2 to 3 years to maintain vigour.  Shasta Daisy is a well-behaved garden hybrid, and should not be confused with the weedy Ox-eye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare).

Ligularia  'the rocket'     A large clump-forming perennial with long black stems and boldly toothed leaves, slender racemes of yellow flowers with orange-yellow centres. Suitable for moist sunny borders. Height 1.8m. Flowering time July-August.

Ligularia  'Desdemona'     'Desdemona' is quite a big plant with impressive foliage and flowers. Bright yellow/orange 'shaggy' daisy-like flowers are produced in the summer. Flowers will reach 120cm with foliage spreading to 60cm. A good border or waterside plant with attractive purple/green leaves.   Must have a moist soil and shade from full sun.

Lythrum  salicaria  'Blush'      A softer pink on this variation to the purple loosetrife.   perhaps as much as 1 metre tall on rich soils, in July. Very hardy across Britain, Sun or part shade all soils except very dry ones.

Lythrum   salicaria  'Robert'   Dense spikes of bright, rose-red flowers above elongated dark green leaves from June to September .  Bone hardy and totally reliable.   A lovely plant.  3 ft.

Marshallia grandiflora   Very showy flowers, which are large, frilly, orchid-pink to lavender with blue anthers.  A native Mid-Atlantic American plant found along streams and in clearings and is an endangered plant in its native environment.    Very tough, very nice, garden-worthy plant.

Mimulus  cardinalis   A spectacular plant from N. Mexico to Oregon, with such exotic-looking blooms that you immediately doubt its hardiness but given a spot in full sun and a moist soil it will survive in all but the coldest areas.  this spectaular perennial grows well in moist areas that receive full to part sun.  3 feet and spreads well.

Mimulus x bartonianus     Bushy, pink flowers  in Jun-Aug, 50cm. high Moist site try not to let it dry out,  semi-shade  A very pretty plant that's hardy ;   give it a little mulch protection  for the winter.

Monarda  'Mohawk'    Mildew-resistant foliage,   Mauve/purple flowers, August - September    90-120 cm.   A real beauty.

Monarda  'Violet Queen'    A large clump of  'Violet Queen' in full flower will be the highlight of your summer garden.   The deep lavender-pink flowers are highly attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. The fuzzy green foliage has excellent mildew resistance. Stunning.  3 ft.

Monarda  'Marshall's delight'   Clear pink flowers cover the top of this fine mildew resistant plant.   A real impact plant, very showy, and fragrant.   Ht: 36´ (90cm) or more.  Sun to part shade in any good garden soil. 

Nepeta  'Bramdean'    Very nice selected form of catmint.   Well shaped bushes of lavender-blue flowers in summer. 2-3 ft.    Well drained soil and plant close to the path ,  close enough to run your hand through as you pass.

Nepeta  'Parnassica'    A huge catmint, dwarfing "Six Hills Giant". Thick strong stems with fragrant leaves and long spikes of purple-blue flowers in summer and autumn.   For the back of a hot border or fill the corner of the courtyard to impress your visitors.

Nepeta  Govaniana        Distinguished by its loose spikes of large yellow flowers is this aromatic and rarely seen plant.  It is  found  growing wild high in the Himalayas. Flowering from June to September and with its large, ovate leaves, this will be a welcome addition to any perennial border. 2-4 ft.

Nepeta  'Walkers Low'   Walker’s Low has soft, grey-green foliage, a long, repeat blooming season and few problems or maintenance requirements.    Well shaped bushes of lavender-blue flowers in summer.   2-3 ft.   Well drained soil.

Nepeta  'Dawn till Dusk'       A lovely rosey-pink, a good departure from the usual blue.  A very useful plant.    June to September 2ft.

Nepeta 'Sweet dreams'     Distinguished by its eye catching dark burgundy floral bracts and large deep green leaves. This Nepeta prefers moderate shade with moist soil, as it was found growing on shady, mountainous rocks in the cliffs of Japan.  With a plant height of 18" and a width of 24-36", is has clear pink flowers that bloom from July to September.   For best results, deadhead after each bloom time.

Oenethera  'Crown Imperial'    This new plant produces large attractive rich green leaves on very vigorous shoots that each produce prominent buds opening to typically bright yellow evening primrose flowers.   Very impressive. It needs a well drained fertile soil in good sun or a lightly shaded site.

Ophiopogon  'nigrescens'    This is commonly known as 'Lily Turf', and is an evergreen grass-like perennial with almost black foliage & bell like purplish white flowers. Ophiopogon nigrescens is amazingly easy to grow and will spread forming nice drifts. Gets to 20cm (8"). Sun/part shade, best in rich peaty soils.

Oxalis  'Festival'   Non-invasive cottage garden perennial, lots of pink flowers with dark centres .  Flowers for most of the year !  Mulch up well in winter, Can be split up eventually.  Only 6 " high.

Persicaria  'purple-leaf'      A fine foliage plant to add a lovely contrast to other  plants.  Pretty white flowers in summer.    4 ft.

Persicaria campanulaus 'Alba'    Lovely old cottage garden plant.   Creeping rootstock will scramble up walls or useful ground cover.  Ribbed foliage and pretty shell-pink flowers.   Native of North India and Southwest China.    Charming.

Persicaria amplexicaulis atrosanguinea    Massed flower spikes in a soft red, that tone well with other plants. Forms a spreading clump up to 75cm across and 105cm tall. Flower June to October.  

Persicaria bistorta 'superba'   A steady spreader with bright green foliage backing a very long season of lovely soft pink spikes on slender self-supporting stems. Blooms best in soil that does not dry out;  R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit. Up to 3ft.

Persicaria bistorta  'hohe tatra'    Clump forming perennial that from early to late summer produces spikes of deep pink flowers above dark green oval leaves. Height 60-75cm. Spread 60cm.

Persicaria polymorpha  A bold (rare) perennial that tolerates a wide range of conditions. Giant fleeceflower produces a large clump of 5-to-7-foot-tall leafy stems topped with large, fluffy, white flowers. The flowers are held over a long period in July and August and then develop into pinkish seed heads. The plant tolerates a variety of soils and does not require staking. Unlike other species of Persicaria, this is not considered invasive, though it does require some room to grow.

Phlox carolina 'Bill Baker'     Fragrant pale mauve/pink flowers over a long period in mid-summer,  forming a mass of colour. Mildew resistant. To 2 ft.   Tough and reliable.

Phlox 'Natasha'     Beautiful large heads of bi-colour pink and white florets, flowers July onward.  More resistant to mildew than garden phlox cultivars, this easy-to-grow perennial is a perfect addition to a summer border.  3 ft.

Phlox   carolina     'Miss Lingard'   With spikes of sweetly-scented, pure-white flowers, 'Miss Lingard' is beautiful when planted in groups. More resistant to mildew than garden phlox cultivars, this easy-to-grow perennial is a perfect addition to a summer border.   2-3 ft.

Phlox stolonifera 'Fran's purple'      A very good form of lush green rosettes forming a carpet that is covered with freely borne starry flowers of mixed hues of purples and mauves on 15 cm. stems. An excellent ground cover for a woodland setting.  Also a very reliable,  pretty, front of border plant.

Polomonium  'Lambrook mauve'    A compact, spreading perennial with clusters of small, bell-shaped lilac-blue flowers in summer.   12"

Polomonium x jacobaea       An old good neat non-seeding hybrid covered in deep blue scented flowers. May-Jul and Aug-Sep,20cm. high, 55cm. wide. Easy.

Polomonium reptens   'Firmament'     Masses of lovely purple blue flowers on low spreading plants .  Flowers for many weeks in summer.   Best in rich,well drained soil.   Height  9"

Potentilla  'Etna'    Semi-double, dark, velvety red, saucer-shaped flowers.  Native to Nepal and the Himalayas, it’s very hardy, evergreen and easy.  Blooming in spring and again in late summer, it grows to 18” tall .   Clump forming, the dark green strawberry type leaves are covered with silvery hairs.   Any fertile soil.

Potentilla  atrosanguinea    Semi-double, dark, velvety red, saucer-shaped flowers.  Native to Nepal and the Himalayas, it’s very hardy, evergreen and easy.   Blooming in spring and again in late summer, it grows to 18” tall .  Clump forming, the dark green strawberry type leaves are covered with silvery hairs.   Any fertile soil.

Potentilla  hopwoodiana     This rare plant has exquisite pale pink and cream flowers with deeper centres on long stems.. Sunny, drained position.  Is a bit of a scrambler and will climb up through it's neighbours.        45cm.      Sun /part shade.

Potentilla  'Gloire de Nancy'    Gorgeous double ,darkest maroon-red flowers flecked and edged yellow. Plant in your best soil  as this needs good nourishment to produce such flowers.   2 feet high .    sun /part shade.

Potentilla 'Ron McBeath'      Easy to grow and very free-flowering, this 'cinquefoil' is blanketed with 1” dark-eyed, cherry pink blooms with darker rose centers on branching, wiry stems most of Summer. This selection, ‘Ron McBeath’, is more compact growing only to 12” tall and 18” wide.   Attractive, strawberry-like foliage. Well-drained, fertile soil is best.

Potentilla  'Miss Willmott'    Plants form a low mound of strawberry-like leaves, bearing branches of cup-shaped flowers, beginning in early summer.  Blooms of deep pink, with a contrasting crimson eye.  Plants should be sheared back after blooming, to rejuvenate the foliage.  Best in full sun. 2 ft.

Primula sieboldii 'Alba'       Large white flowers.   Apr-May,  25cm.  Doesn't like drying out completely even when dormant in summer.  Thriving in dappled shade  this primula is ideally suited to deep fertile woodland soils. When planting  dig in plenty of compost, planting amongst low ground cover, or meadow. Ideally plant in groups near ponds or ditches. 

Pulmonaria  'Diane Claire'    This vigorous new hybrid has stunning silvered green leaves, with very light marginal spotting and large violet-blue flowers February - May.   The foliage just keeps getting better and better as the year progresses. Unlike others, do not cut back foliage after flowering.

Pulmonaria  'Lewis Palmer'     An old favourite but for vigour and garden worthiness hard to beat. Award of Garden Merit

Pulmonaria  'Opal'    Opalescent blue flowers with well silvered dark green leaves. Quite superb. strong growing in the garden and relatively resistent to mildew.

Pulmonaria  'Stillingfleet Meg'    One of the best pulmonaria.  February-April flowering. The pink flowers fade to blue and are held over mildew free leaves. Shade or semi-shade in most soils. 30cm (12")

Pulmonaria  'Leopard'     Heavily spotted dark green leaves and rosey-pink flowers. One of the classic cultivars.  Great along woodland paths or as a ground cover between trees and shrubs.  10" tall by 18" wide.

Pulmonaria 'trevi fountain'    Heavily spotted dark green leaves and rosey-pink flowers. One of the classic cultivars. Great along woodland paths or as a ground cover between trees and shrubs.  10" tall by 18" wide.

Pulmonaria  'Blue ensign'     Best of the blues, and (in my opinion) best of the rest too, a really deep blue with large flower size for a pulmonaria.      12" high

Pulmonaria  'Dora Bielefeld'      One of the best clear pink varieties, with the flowers complemented by lightly spotted mid-green foliage.   25cm, (Jan)Feb-Apr

Rudbeckia  fulgida  'Deamii'   This has large and elegant daisy flowers with long slim petals, coloured a rich golden-orange. The flowers have a raised central boss, so dark it looks almost black. The large, rather rough leaves make a solid foliage mound beneath the long, slender flowering stalks. It flowers during August and September and is free flowering. It is good for cutting

Rudbeckia fulgida 'goldsrurm'      Autumn colour is captured  in this terrific perennial , which,  in most garden situations will continue to flower for months on end.   Deep yellow flowers with pretty separate petals ;  also no staking needed,  just enjoy.  Aug-Oct,  2.5 ft.   Horticultural Award of Garden Merit.   £3.45 

Rudbeckia Maxima  From moist pine woods of the south eastern USA comes this large and attractive plant for the back of your border. With handsome,  blue-green leaves, it bears in late summer, large yellow flowers in which the yellow petals  surround a  large (almost black) centre cone. Superb as a cut flower .  4-5ft maybe 6 ft        £3.45

Salvia forskaolii  This is a large flowered , hardy and beautiful salvia that will self seed . Becomes quite large  (3ft high) and makes a good centre-piece forthe border. Blue and white flowers in summer.   £3.45

Salvia nemerosa 'Viola Klose'    The flowers of this salvia are  of a more intense blue   than any other salvia.  Its foliage is aromatic when crushed. This selection has proven to be an outstanding performer in the landscape and has an excellent habit.   £3.45

Sanguisorba 'Tanna'  Low neat mound forming clumps of pinnate foliage and small cyclindrical spikes of dark red flowers.   Very pretty  Sunny open spot.  18".                £3.45

Sanguisorba  'Pink tanna'  Dark rose flowers over large clumping plants, with slender branching stems.  A real beauty, grow in full sun to partial shade.  3 ft.            £3.45

Sanguisorba  tenuifolia   'Alba' A beautiful perennial with handsome foliage with stiff stems carrying small, white, lambs tail like flowers throughout the summer. A real beauty.   150cm tall.          £3.45

Sanguisorba Canadensis   Branching stems carry narrow cylindrical heads of greenish-white fluffy flowers, on this tall, beautiful plant. A touch of autumn frost, ignites the foliage with shades of red and copper. June/Sept. Good soil. Sun. [4-5').

Saxifraga  x urbium  'Miss Chambers'        Looks like a very classy form of London Pride. Stately crimson flowers Apr-Jun, darker maroon-green leaves, 30cm.   Vigorous and easy.

Sedum  'Joyce Henderson'       Large tall sturdy purple flushed plant, pink flowers from dark stems .  Aug-Oct, 75cm.    Attracts many  butterflies and a great choice for the perennial border.

Sedum 'Purple Emperor'   Probably the best dark foliage Sedum.Bushy compact dark almost black foliage with red flowers. Height 40cm Spread 40cm

Sedum 'September glow'     One of the largest flowered ice plants.  Huge pink heads in late summer.   Best in hot sun.       Height 2ft.

Sedum  'Stardust'   The new sedum, ´Stardust´, is an exciting addition , with a whole bouquet of small white flowers topping it in late summer.  It forms dense clumps, with winter-deciduous stems up to 2’ high. 

Sedum 'Vera Johnson'    This beautiful plant adds color to the garden even when not in bloom. New growth shows blue-green leaves that slowly turn deep burgundy purple.   In winter, the flower heads add winter interest even though the plant dies down to the ground.   This sedum is clump-forming; it is so beautiful you wish it would creep around the garden. All these attributes make it a garden gem I would not be without it in my garden.     It would look great in a rockery or at the front of the border . This drought resistant,  sun- loving plant likes good drainage.

Senecio polodon ssp  'Subglaber' A striking new introduction from South Africa. Little, glowing purple-fuschia daisies with yellow centers are beautifully held on delicate, branching stems that dance in the wind. A long and profuse bloomer, it starts flowering in late Spring and continues all the way to autumn. Shiny, serrated, elongated leaves make a pretty carpeting mat.   Very EASY to grow, it’s perfect for the front of the bed and an excellent container subject, as the dense foliage covers the entire surface of the pot. 

Serratula  Seoanei    A rare form of knapweed, deep purple thistly flowers late in the season, Aug-Nov, dark ferny leaves, very striking, 60cm.  Do not crowd, open site sun or part shade.

Sidalcea   'William Smith'      Impressive spikes of warm salmon pink mallow flowers on strong stems July-Sept.   Sunny spot .100cms.  

Sidalcea  'Croftway red'     Spikes of rich deep pink mallow like flowers on strong stems.  Very much like  miniature hollyhocks.  June-August. Well drained sunny spot. 90cms.  

Sidalcea  'Elsie Hugh'        A lovely old cottage favourite,  slightly shorter than other varieties,  it has soft pink flowers that last  well through the summer. Try cutting down after blooming to give an autumn flush.   Flowering  July  to mid sept.  Loamy siol.  2-3 ft.

Sidalcea  'Wine Red'     Sidalcea 'wine red' grows straight, slim, and tall (to 2 1/2 ft) and has large, deep  red flowers, making it an attractive and conspicuous plant.   It likes moist ground.  Grow in sun.

Sidalcea candida 'Alba'   Sidalcea candida grows straight, slim, and tall (to 3 ft) and has large , purest white flowers, making it an attractive and conspicuous plant.   It likes moist ground. Let me know if you need more than one.

Sisyrinchium  'May snow'        Fan-shaped, evergreen sword-like foliage. Branching flower spikes with dainty saucer-shaped pure white flowers in early summer.  Very pretty.  Sun and freely drained soil. 25cm.

Sisyrinchium  'Biscutella'   Fan-shaped, evergreen sword-like foliage. Branching flower spikes with dainty saucer-shaped coffee flowers in early summer. Sun and freely drained soil. 30cm.   Definately the hardiest of the three offered here, the other two suffered badly, with many casualties during that horrendous cold spell  (-14 'c here ).  A beautiful plant when bulked up and in full flower.

Sisyrinchium   bellum      'Rocky Point'     A very dwarf version of Blue-eyed Grass. Robust, but with a clumping habit, not spreading by seeds as many Sisyrinchiums do, so good in a rockery.   Deep blue flowers in spring, on spikes atop miniature Iris-type foliage. £3.45

Stachys humello  This rugged perennial is an outstanding garden performer, blooming robustly with numerous upright spikes of pink-purple flowers in mid-summer.  The mounding foliage is heavily textured and glossy green. ‘Hummelo’ grows easily in average garden soils.  18" 

 Stachys macrantha  'Rosea'       Mounds of crinkly evergreen leaves build as the years go by , each year producing ever more erect flower stems of rosey pink fat whorls.  Avery hardy plant that suits most situations and soils.  A tempting treat.

Succisa pratensis  Unusual native of the British Isles .  Rosette of narrow, sometimes purple-blotched leaves makes a good green mass from early spring onwards. Not until mid-summer do the pincushion-like baby-blue flowers appear. Ordinary garden soil (not too dry). Sun-part shade.

Teucrium hircanum      A rare teucrium from Southern Europe . It is a  beautiful, mid to late summer bloomer, bearing crowded spikes of deep purplish-red flowers above a low bush of aromatic, sage-like foliage.   3 ft.

Thalictrum delavayi   Lavender heads of tiny flowers with yellow stamens. Height 120 cm. June-Sept Reasonable soil with added humus. Thrives in sun or partial shade.

Thalictrum flavum ssp.  'Glaucum'      This classy specimen has beautifully textured, blue-gray foliage.  Like many meadow rues, dusty meadow rue earns it place in the garden with its foliage alone. It will do well as a backdrop or see-through plant in a mixed border and is suitable for a wild or woodland garden as well. Plants grow to 3 feet high and 2 feet wide.

Thalictrum flavum  'Illuminator'     Beautiful golden-yellow foliage appears first thing in early spring. Creamy yellow flowers in early summer    3 ft high. 

Tiarella Wherryi    Dainty 6-8" flower spikes of white appear in early spring and are breathtaking when viewed en masse as a sea of white foam.  This  groundcover has evergreen, maple-like leaves that turn rose-burgundy during the winter. Prefers semi-shade and good drainage.

Tiarella   'Chocolate-leaf '   Not sure of this ones's true identity, but a good doer and forms a very pretty ground cover. Maple-shaped mint green leaves develop a chocolate overlay spikes of pale pinky-beige flowers Apr-Jun and later, 30cm.  Choice.

Tricyrtis  'White towers'    A nice selection of Tricyrtis with a more compact habit and upright stems supporting pure white 'orchid-like' flowers.   Blooms a little earlier than most other Tricyrtis,  in late summer .  Each exotic flower has six showy petals.  Best in some sun  

Tradescantia 'Dannielle'     A beautiful, clump forming perennial with sword-like foliage and the most pure white, three-petalled flowers from midsummmer into autumn. Plant in moist soils for best results. Height and Spread 50cm. Fully hardy.

Tradescantia  'Blue stone'     A beautiful, clump forming perennial with sword-like foliage and vivid blue, three-petalled flowers from midsummmer into autumn. Plant in moist soils for best results. Height and Spread 50cm.  Fully hardy.   £3.45

Tradescantia 'Carmine glow'   

   A bright rosey pink colour to this tough and reliable tradescantia. The flowers do actually glow !

Trifolium  Ochroleucon  Clump-forming upright clover with large creamy flowers in summer.   Very hardy and  makes a lovely show when fully established. 40cm.

Trifolium rubens  'Peach pink'    Lovely soft peachy pink bottlebrushes May-Jun and later, 35cm.

Veronica grandis   Rich, deep blue, flower spikes from midsummer to autumn. Branches out into many flower stems, whilst keeping a strong, upright habit. A really strong reliable perennial that I never tire of   Bees love it..   90cm(36in). Sun or part shade.

Veronicastrum virginicum  'Fascination'  

    A terrific plant with attractive  foliage on straight stems, topped with 30cm spikes of pale pink veronica flowers. Best in a moist fertile spot. Sun - part shade. 80cm

Veronicastrum virginicum  'Album'   Plants are tall growing, reaching a height of 4-6 feet and a width of 18-24 inches. Use in full sun to light shade, stems may be a bit lax but plants are like a giant form of Veronica with more or less upright stems and interesting whoreled leaves that form around the stems. Blooms from mid summer to early autumn. Deep rooted so once established, they are best left alone,  also long lived. Something a bit different for the garden.

Viola sororia 'Freckles'    Fantastic white flowers flecked all over with purple, produced in spring, before the leaves.  Most soils and positions. Often re-flowers in autumn.     Self seeds. 10cm.

Viola sororia  'Red giant'   Another of the forms of V. sororia, with large deep red flowers carried on long strong stems, held well above the leathery foliage.  A unique colour in violets.  Viola cornuta 'Alba'    This lovely Violet is not a hybrid but a natural variety of the  wild form. Compact, spreading,  and upright habit, it bears delightful pure white flowers continuously from April until October.  When cut back regularly, the plant regenerates very quickly and becomes a durable perennial. A sunny to partially shaded position in any good garden soil is all it asks. Hardy throughout the British Isles. 6 ins.    A  real gem.

Viola 'LabradoricaThe wonderful purple foliage is the main attraction of this perennial violet. It's a long-lived violet in the garden. The small blue flowers in spring are an added bonus.

Viola odorata 'Rosea   Very, very, highly scented, deep pink flowers, held above the foliage, winter and spring, Oct-Apr, 12cm. A gem.          £3.45

Viola sororia Priceana  Smokey-blue and white in spring and early summer. A real eye-catcher. To about 9 ins. Easy. Evergreen.  Sun or shade  After a couple of years split up and plant around to create good  ground-cover.                  £3.45

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